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Chester Heights, PA 19017
Rates & Availability
Arioso often books dates over a year in advance. Therefore, due to the busy nature of Arioso's schedule, we recommend that you contact Carol Briselli via email or by phone (877-492-7237) to determine whether the date in which you are interested is still available. Arioso schedules performances in half-hour increments, with a one hour minimum. Rates differ for trios and quartets, and depend on the length of the performance. The rates for the quartet (two violins, viola and cello) start at $875.00, and for the trio (violin, viola and cello) they begin at $650.00 for weddings in the year 2019. There is no additional fee for substituting a flute for one of the violins in either group. Arioso would be happy to add a trumpet and/or singer of our choice or yours to any wedding ceremony. Please be aware that contracted rates for additional playing time beyond one hour for quartet or trio are significantly lower than the initial hour. Please contact Carol Briselli (877-492-7237) for a quote tailored to your specific requirements.