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If you have other questions, please contact Arioso directly via the phone numbers or email address listed to the left.

What do Arioso members wear during performances?
Concert dress is tuxedos for men, and long black dresses for the women.

Is Arioso able to play outdoors during cool weather?
Because cold weather can damage stringed instruments, a minimum temperature for the players is typically 65 F, but please discuss with us in advance if you are considering an outdoor venue.

Will Arioso perform music that is not listed here on their website?
Yes, in many cases. Please discuss your thoughts and ideas with Arioso. They have tremendous experience with music selection, and will help you make a great choice for your special occasion.

Is it possible to have a smaller, more economical group than a trio perform?
Yes, but the downside is the sound produced will be much thinner and weaker. Also, the repertoire for a duo is somewhat limited, so you would have fewer choices. Typically for most types of events and venues, Arioso would not recommend a group smaller than a trio, but if you feel this is necessary, please check with us for a quote and advice.

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